The diary of an art journal creative artist Jennifer Joanou

Yoga as Inspiration

Jennifer Joanou - Friday, September 13, 2013

I went to a yoga class yesterday and the teacher read the poem "Whatever Doesn't Serve" by Danna Faulds that really resonated.  I came home and had to get it into my journal immediately.  

I realized how many images came up for me during yoga and how inspiring that was.

I also thought I'd share my process.  When I know that I want to write something, a quote or a poem, I start by painting the background with a color that feels right. Then I look for images that relate or inspire me.  If I don't have anything in my stash, I go to Google Images.  I print them up, glue them down and then paint around the images to get them to blend in.  Then I had to decide how I wanted to get the text on there; rubber stamps, pen, pencil, marker, ink??? Pen and ink felt the most appropriate.  I put the text down, but it didn't feel done yet, so I added ink to the images; the veins and lines shooting off of the "pointed quills". It still needed more, so I added an image of a lotus flower and a rubber stamp of the hand to remind me that I need to keep going to yoga.

I am grateful to Danna Faulds for her poems and to Vanessa Kent for an amazing class.


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