The diary of an art journal creative artist Jennifer Joanou

Between the Opposites

Monday, November 04, 2013

I just spent an AMAZING weekend at a workshop called "Between the Opposites" guided by Erin Faith Allen and Orly Avineri, held at Orly's beautiful home in Redondo Beach, CA.  It was a brave and inspiring group of people gathered together and the collection of energy and self-expression was nourishing, just what the doctor ordered.

Here are some of the pages that I did.  Some are still in progress, but I was anxious to share my experience.  I encourage you to take a class from these two women, if you ever get the chance. 

And on top of a fantastic day of journaling, Orly made us lunch!  Delicious!

How Pinterest Inspired My Work

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm sure all of you have heard of Pinterest by now, if not, you must check it out.  I know, one more place to spend time on the computer, but I must, say I find it fun and inspiring.  This is how I've used it this week:

I was working on this page in my School of the Sea art book/visual journal (it's a little bit of both right now).  I wanted to write "The Brethren of the Black Swan", but didn't know what kind of text to use.

So I went to my "lettering" board on Pinterest and found this image:

I used it as inspiration, starting on tracing paper, then used Graphite Paper to transfer the lettering to my page:

You can see what the Graphite Paper leaves, much like a pencil drawing, then I traced over it with pen and ink.

And this is how it looks finished:

Here's the whole page, I'm not sure if it's done yet (I think I want the silhouettes of the brethren to be better defined, they're blending in to the ship a bit too much).  
More to come!