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How Pinterest Inspired My Work

Jennifer Joanou - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm sure all of you have heard of Pinterest by now, if not, you must check it out.  I know, one more place to spend time on the computer, but I must, say I find it fun and inspiring.  This is how I've used it this week:

I was working on this page in my School of the Sea art book/visual journal (it's a little bit of both right now).  I wanted to write "The Brethren of the Black Swan", but didn't know what kind of text to use.

So I went to my "lettering" board on Pinterest and found this image:

I used it as inspiration, starting on tracing paper, then used Graphite Paper to transfer the lettering to my page:

You can see what the Graphite Paper leaves, much like a pencil drawing, then I traced over it with pen and ink.

And this is how it looks finished:

Here's the whole page, I'm not sure if it's done yet (I think I want the silhouettes of the brethren to be better defined, they're blending in to the ship a bit too much).  
More to come!


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