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No More Excuses Journal

Jennifer Joanou - Saturday, August 06, 2011

I've been working in my "No More Excuses" journal a lot this year.  It is an online workshop by Gina Armfield that I highly recommend.  The great thing about this workshop/journal is that I am working in it often, almost every day or at least every week.  If I get behind, I do one collage or image for the whole week.  It has definitely morphed into my own thing.  I have realized that I love to document my days.  I have a HORRIBLE memory so I think journaling is comforting because I know I'll have a way to remember them!

Here are photos of a few pages from March and April:

This page is inspired by yet another online workshop with Gina Armfield: Under the Influence of Gustav Klimt. Really fun. I added photos of Klimt using my Pogo Polaroid Mobil Printer.

This was the first week that I decided to not break the pages down into weeks, just to do whatever I felt like doing, in combination with the workshop assignments.  Gina's writing prompt is in the vellum envelope, done with watercolor and watercolor mask.  

A pogo picture of a tree on my street using one of the cool iPhone apps.  Also one of my son and his girlfriend dressed up as chefs for a school project!  Some of the rubber stamps are one's that I carved from Gina's Under the Influence workshop.  The strips of color are from my favorite watercolors: Daniel Smith.

Did this on the plane on my way home from Artfest.  The silhouette on the left and the bird image on the right are done by my good friend, Jessica Herman Goodson. Check out her out, she's amazing!

Yet another week where I was not able to do daily entries, so used these really cool stencils by Kimmel Kids.  Again, the silhouette inside the glassine envelope is art done by Jessica Herman Goodson.

I'll be blogging more images from this journal soon, I hope!  So keep coming back! Thanks!



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